Helping to bring enlightenment to all ages

This was a project that was developed due to a need to further engage the elderly in mental stimulatory programs via the use of audio-visual mediums. The club therefore  decided that the provision of Audio-Visual equipment to SB Care for use by all client’s and staff at the senior citizens center in Kingaroy, would greatly benefit those in need of such assistance.
Basically the Audio-Visual equipment consists of a ceiling mounted HD projector and a viewing screen that can be raised or lowered electrically as requires.
The installed equipment Will be used in conjunction with the mental health stimulation therapy programs for the aged and disadvantaged.
The Audio-Visual equipment has provided the opportunity for community members to enjoy greater social interaction through group involvement in stimulatory programs.
All can now experience various recorded specialist presentations especially targeting specific age groups.
The participation by larger groups in various purpose designed on-line programs such as Luninosity and Cognifit and other web-based programs has been enhance. All offer mechanisms and cognitive compensation strategies which help maintain mental health, independence, and autonomy for longer.
The Audio-Visual system will also facilitate a better online participation experience by remotely located staff in training programs and seminars.
The system will also be used in presenting IT training opportunities to disadvantaged youth and young adults who are currently under the care at the center.