Welcome to the nineteenth edition of RYDA & Rotary - Connecting The Dots. This monthly newsletter provides you with tools and tips to assist in the delivery of RYDA workshops, including tips on delivering during the uncertainty of COVID. 


Equipment & Resources – Planning your RYDA workshop


As you know, RSE is here to help you run your RYDA program efficiently, so we thought we would take this opportuntity to outline a few things about equipment and resources you may or may not be aware of. 


To assist us to meet your RYDA resource needs:


  • When you submit your Intent to Conduct please make sure to include where your equipment should be sent, especially if it is different to last year.
  • Please also advise us if your venue/AV needs have changed as soon as you are aware so we can ensure we meet your needs. For instance, do you now need HTMI connections instead of VGA?
  • An email is sent to you prior to sending your shipment to advise what you will receive. This will itemise what resources you will keep after your workshop/s are completed and what we require you to send back to us promptly after.
  • We recommend going through your shipment as soon as it arrives, to check everything is included and to let RSE know if there are any problems. This way, if there are any issues we can rectify the situation in a timely manner for you.
  • When returning your equipment, RSE will have included a consignment note with our provider TNT to return what you need to. Your equipment email will have instructions on how to book the return shipment to RSE but if you ever need assistance with this then please give your local contact a call.  




RYDA has now been running successfully in Australia for over 20 years, largely thanks to the tremendous support we receive from our Rotary volunteers. 


Each month we will continue to highlight our Rotary champions from around the country, recognising the incredible contribution they make to support RYDA. 



This month we’d like to introduce you to Marion Cooper from the Rotary Club of Sandy Bay in Tasmania.  We asked Marion a few questions about her involvement with RYDA: 

How long has your Club been running the RYDA Program? 


"A pilot program was conducted at Symons Plains in the North in 2006 and rolled out throughout the state in following years."


How many schools do you run workshops for each year? 


"Sixty Schools participate in the workshops each year.This number is increasing" 


The contribution from RSE’s corporate partners helps Rotary deliver a quality program at a significantly reduced fee for students.  However, there are local costs associated with delivering a RYDA program.  How do you raise funds and supporters for RYDA locally?

"The State Government and Road Safety fund the program in Tasmania.  The immense  voluntary support of Rotarians throughout the state make it possible and affordable."


A major highlight/ success story since you have been involved that you’d like to share?

One of the highlights was when we received the following feedback from a student following the Speed and Stopping segment:


"It really stuck with me seeing the real-life example of a dummy being catapulted into the air because the increased speed made the driver not be able to stop in time. I will definitely remember this whenever I see pedestrians. I keep the wristband I was given from RYDA on my gearstick so I am reminded whilst driving to drive safely all the time."


What is your hope for the future for your RYDA program?

"My hope is that the RYDA program will continue with adequates funding and that we are able to introduce the RYDA workshops to parents in each school."


Thank you Marion & all Rotary Clubs involved in RYDA in Hobart for your contribution.