When the youth of our community come together to do good in the world, we feel wonderful sense of hope for the future and knowing that the future is looking brighter.
Every day we read see and hear about nothing but the news of pain and suffering in the world at large. Now days good news seems to be a rare and precious commodity indeed.
But then we hear of people wanting to help others. Young people, saying to the world "we can help. We will help and we want to help now".
These then are the youth that come together and form an INTERACT club in order to help others.
The Kingaroy High School INTERACT club were on a mission. They had decided that they were going to create a project that would help to provide a safer environment for their community members.
So, they raised funds by holding sausage sizzles at lunch time at school and to collect empty recyclable drink containers for cash for cans. Two worthy causes being addressed ta the same time. The environment and the community.
                   We so admired the efforts of the members of the Interact club in raising the money to buy and donate the defibrillator to the Yarraman RSL subbranch.
 The Interact students at Kingaroy State High School, were determined enough to raise funds for the purchase of a new defibrillator to be donated to the Yarraman RSL. In the image above are two of the interact Students, Justine Evangelista (secretary) and Emma Uebergang (president).