We give thanks to Rotary for good fellowship, the opportunity to serve our community and to do good in the world
29 August 2022

The General meeting was chaired by Mark Huston and opened at 7.00 pm, welcoming all members as well as our NSHS Active citizen  Jerem Hinchcliff 

Attendance via Zoom:
Vice President Kat Butcher, Gus Napier, Deb Hails, Sandy Hoffman 
chairman Mark Huston moved that the minutes from last meeting true & correct – proposed by Vince Evans, 2nd David Black - Carried
Anna Faunt, Geoff Hosking, Anne Skinner, Mark & Nicola Pitt, Charlotte Pitt, Abby Andersson, Kerry Heit & Murray Johnston
Anne Skinner on September 4. Happy birthday for Sunday Anne.                       
Wedding Anniversary:  
September 3 -  Mark & Nicola Pitt. Happy Anniversary for Saturday Mark & Nicola.
Club Anniversaries:
International Toast :
International Toast; Bev took us to the most Northern Rotary Club in the world in Iqaluit in the Canadian Arctic. The club is situated in the capital of the Nunavut Territory on Baffin Island in Frobisher Bay. It is in District 7040 and has 34 Active members.  According to the local community, the Rotary Club does a lot of good.  The club is known for its Christmas Hampers for the needy, Elders’ Dinners, Fall Fair for the kids and more.  They established a Rotary Park  with tables and benches which is used by the residents in the warm weather for picnic and barbeques. I imagine that park would not get used very often considering its location.
They are involved in running a Toonuk Tyme Festival which runs for 2 weeks in April bringing family and friends together for traditional Inuit activities.
Next meeting’s international toast toast:  Ray
Rotary Information:  
Imagine Melbourne;  Rotary International Convention 27 – 31 May 2023 in Melbourne. Rotary members, participants and supporters are invited to Imagine What’s Next and explore the possibilities for Rotary’s future. The planning committee’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will be an important focus during the event which will be packed with thought provoking speakers and much more. Register by 15 December and get a reduced price.  Thanks Ron.
Guest Speaker: Nil
Secretary: Bev   
Bev   Letter from KSHS about the dates for their speech night and Grade 12 graduation and requesting support for their ‘Rotary Shield for Junior Citizenship, $250
Treasurer: Mark  -  
 The club Took over $3,000 from 2 functions we catered for on Saturday 27. A good effort all round.
There’s been a slight delay in the printing of next years Calendars, This is being rectified and it is hoped the printing will commence soon
President: Kerry  - Still in recovery mode and doing okay.
Satellite Club: Mark -
Rotary Foundation: Murray - 
Service Projects: Neil -  
–  Neil made special mention of Gus and his wife Bev who helped a lady who is living out of her car. They helped her with food and medications and took her washing home and washed it for her. Thank you Gus & Bev for your kindness and helpfulness.
 Saturday August 27 – Rogers property ‘Shiny side up’ event that involved Police and Motor cycles.  Good fun day. Took $1034.90.  Same day different time CWA function - bar work. A good night. Took $2071.50. A very good day for Rotary.
My overview of Saturday 27:  First of all I would like to say a big thank you to David Tierney for getting us this catering job at this event. The best part was, we were the only food van there apart from a coffee van. 
Neil brought the van & trailer at 10am and not a minute too soon as we had people lining up before we had a chance to set up.
 We had a great team working on that day. Our CERTIFIED Master BBQ chef Ron Roberts and his wife Cath, Slip & Susan Jarvis from our Satellite Club, Abby Andersson, Mark Huston, Neil Black and Bev. David Black was a phone call away if we needed him.
Ron did the cooking, of course, with Slip as his apprentice (a good one too, according to Ron). By the end of the day Slip had it right, put the onions on first.
Mark was our money man and Abby passed on the orders. Susan, Cath and I did the preparations and quite often the burgers were ready before they had paid their money.  I must say I enjoyed working with Susan and Cath, everything seemed to flow swimmingly.
 Neil was our liaison person, drinks man and kept a close eye on his crew.
Can’t say that Rotary doesn’t aim to please, one lady said to Neil she would prefer a chocolate, quick as a wink Neil grabbed my container of mixed lollies and chocolates and offered her some chocolates. Another satisfied customer.
As Neil said at Monday night’s meeting , it was a fun day. It was great to see our Satelliters joining in, and I for one look forward to working with Slip and Susan at many more functions.
Thank you  to Lex and Vince who spent many hours loading up the van and trailer ready for our big day.
Saturday night: - CWA Function. I really didn’t think it would be that busy, not so. We took $2071.50.
It was also a fun night with Neil Black, Mark Huston. David Tierney, David Black and myself.  After expenses our Rotary Club would have got approx.. $1600 for Saturday.
VP Kat  - 
September 5th – Chris Wright will be speaking to us on Zoom about the regionalization of Rotary.
The Club will be asked to make a decision on whether we want this or not.
Kat is asking for all members to attend the  meeting or attend the zoom. A decision will be made after discussion of same.
Board Meeting September 5 @ 5,30pm. Powerlink wants to come to our meeting same night to talk about Borumba Pumped Hydro Project. Email to them to change date.  
Plenty of events and functions coming up in September
Youth: Deb  -
 Is going to answer the letter from KSHS about the dates for their speech night and Grade 12 graduation and liaise with the school. Had an email from District about Interact – connect with an Interact club in Sri Lanka.
Neil also asked Deb if we could get an Early act club going with the primary school children. Deb is going to look into it.
Membership: Ray. -
no further progress to report. Had a chat to Jason Kinsella re social evening at the Club Hotel at its opening with the Satellite Club.  Gus Napier is also going to organize a hungi at his place with the Solomon Island Community.  Dave to organize his trailer to take the Orana gear that is in the Rotary shed to Andersson’s Farm. This was originally made for Thursday 9am but has been changed to FRIDAY at 9am. Email to be sent out to all members  asking for help with the move
Vocation: Dave -
Still trying to organize guest speakers and First Aid courses.
General Business:
: Vince asked if Interact Club Defib had been obtained.
Carmel to be notified of the correct procedure to obtain same.
Talked about the use of Abby’s shed for the gear from Orana.
He was informed that once the gear was all in one place, the wheels (pardon the pun) will be put in motion to deliver it to RARE in Kingston.
Ray has been unsuccessful in contacting Leanne about the tree planting.
Gus says that the meals are slowly increasing for those in need.
Kat suggested Jerem be our guest speaker one night and tell us about his achievements for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. He will take that up on 10th October when it doesn’t interfere with his exams.
SB Care has purchased a defib from us to take on their bus that they use to transport their clients around on their outings.  
Fine Session:
Ron Roberts for not reading his emails and turning up at SB Care last week for the meeting. Meeting was on zoom.
Card Draw
Six of Clubs – no winner
Meeting closed 8:30pm  
IT’S A DOG”S LIFE:  The greatest love is a mother’s;  Then comes a dog’s…… 
Members need to let Vince know if not attending.
If you cannot attend a meeting, you MUST contact Vince by NOON on Monday!
If you don’t cancel by noon you will be billed for a meal.
New Bank account details
o Account Name: Rotary Club of Kingaroy Inc.
o BSB: 084 961
o Account Number: 254 905 213
Make sure you wear your badge at every meeting. Makes it easier for guests.
Useful Rotary Websites
Club website    www.kingaroyrotary.org.au
Rotary Foundation       
David / Bev
  Nanango Races – bar  11.30am – 5pm   IGA Sausage Sizzle Nanango   8am – 12.30 approx  
15th Sept
 bbq Sausage Sizzle -  venue to be advised. Somewhere in Kingaroy.
16 – 18 Sept
Kingaroy District Vintage Machinery Club food stall
1, 2, 3, or 4 Dec
Helping Dalby RC for 1 day at the Stockhorse sale     (exact date to be determined)
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