“We all have dreams but acting on them is a choice.
 Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.”
Sponsor of the Rotary Satellite Club of Kingaroy Sunrise
Monday 18th July 2022
The General meeting was opened by Vice President Kat at 7.00 pm on Zoom and then handed over to David Black to run the meeting on a face to face level. David welcomed guests and all members.
Attendance:   David Black, Vince Evans, Bev Watter,  Allan & Carmel McKeering, Ron Roberts, Geoff Hosking, Neil Black, Damien Tessman (Sth. Brisbane club, ex member and President Kingaroy Club) &  Jerem Hinchliff(NSHS Active Citizen)     Kat Butcher, Anna Faunt and Deb Hails
Zoom Attendance;  Kat Butcher, Deb Hails, Anne Skinner, Anna Faunt, Ray Pitt, Mark Pitt, Nicola Pitt & guest speaker Sienna Spencer NYSF.
Apologies:  Kerry Heit, Gus Napier, Lex Petersen, Abby Andersson, Flynn Woodall (past KSHS Active Citizen & club University Bursary winner), Sandy Hoffman,  Charlotte Pitt, Murray Johnston, Mark Huston
 Birthdays: 19 August – Margaret Huston                       
Wedding Anniversary:  Nil
Club Anniversaries: Nil
International Toast: 
Mark Pitt informed us of all the places that start with ‘New’ .About 16 he named and that is not all, finishing with New Zealand which comes from latin name of Nova Zeelandia which comes from the Dutch province of Zeeland, it being the most western part and least populace province of the Netherlands. So after starting in New York we are visiting, the Rotary Club of Holland in Zeeland in the Netherlands.
 This club was started on March 11 1920 with 17 men.  Today members of the Holland Rotary include over 100 business & community leaders of all ages representing a wide variety of professions.  Women make up 30% of their club.
They have been responsible for chartering 2 nearby clubs.
If you are in the region, you can attend their meeting on Thursday at 12.10pm at Hamworth Inn on the campus of Hope College.
Some of their projects that they are involved in are:-  Leadership camps and scholarships for local school children Special Education, Youth exchange, Clean water in Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti Community Action House, Centre for Women in Transition, Salvation Army, Adopt-a-highway, Park playground and many more.
I suppose when it all boils down most Rotary club’s projects are fairly similar. Difference is, some are on a Larger scale than others.   Thank you Mark.
Next meeting’s toast:   Vince Evans                  
Rotary Information:  
Rotary responds; Support for Ukraine.  The Rotary foundation has raised more than  $15 million to provide shelter, medicines and provisions for their day to day living.
Rotary members and other volunteers pack donated supplies at a rented warehouse in Zamosc, Poland, a major hub for refugees and a centralized coordination location for aid from clubs in Europe. A member of the Rotaract club in  Kyiv City, Iryna Bushmina, who escaped Kyiv to Vienna, Austria was so impressed with Rotary members who helped her along the way with their generosity that she now works with Rotaract Europe finding shelter for thousands of refugees through ‘United for Peace’.  She admits now she knows what It’s like to be a part of the Rotary Family.   Rotary was one of the first organizations on the ground to offer assistance in Ukraine when war broke out. Thank you Ron.
Guest Speaker: Sienna Spencer NYSF on Zoom.  Deb introduced Sienna to share her experiences at NYSF – National Youth Science Forum. It sounded like a very intense time.  Day 1 - starting with the museum of natural history, watching overseas speakers on zoom. Chemistry workshop, Griffiths Uni - learned 50 spf  is worse for you than 15 spf. Interesting. Archeology workshop same place.
Day 2 – Bioengineering & nanotechnology – worked on solar panels and how to produce more energy. Cookie challenge – chemical engineering. (I don ‘t think I’ll ever eat another biscuit without thinking about that.)
Day 3 – Queensland Uni  - Quantum Laboratory – Looking at current studies & experiments.
Day 4 -  Microscopy & Microanalysis – Looking at material at a microscopic level.  Centre for advanced
              Energy. Xrays – Use of a MRI – their patient was a pineapple,
Day 5 -  Bioengineering – Give back movement – prosthetics
             Royal Womens Hospital – Integrated Pathology Learning Centre – Body parts and bank for body
Sienna’s advice for anyone who is looking at going to one of these forums - go with an open mind. Sienna’s career path – Clinical Scientist. Good luck Sienna.
From a Rotary point of view I believe that it was money well spent on Sienna to attend this forum.
 Secretary: Bev - Nil
Treasurer: Mark - Nil
President: Kerry
  • Kerry let the Club know that the DG will visit us on 30 January – this will be a joint meeting with the Murgon Rotary Club
  • Asked all members to let Bev know if they are attending the Charter Function for the Satellite Club – please respond by July 23
Satellite Club: Mark –
  • 1st Satellite Club meeting at Utopia Café at 7am Thursday, 18th August. All welcome.
Vice President: Kat
  • Asked for the Club to purchase microphones to assist with better quality of hearing for those members attending the meeting via Zoom – Gus will look into this
Service Projects: Neil - 
Picked up another function – Kingaroy showgrounds Friday 19th 5.30pm to approx. 8pm. BBQ. The trailer will be getting a big workout over the next coming weeks.  Will discuss next functions on 27th August at next meeting.  We have a very busy September coming up with functions on 4th, 2 on 10th, 15, 16, 17 & 18. We need volunteers to cater for these. We can’t help our community unless we fulfill our obligations at the functions.
Rotary Foundation: Murray - Nil
Youth: Deb 
Deb has a report from Flynn Woodall. He passed all his subjects and is enjoying his time at Uni. He worked out at Tarong power station over his holidays. He is extremely grateful to Rotary for helping him follow his dream of engineering. Flynn is our bursary winner for last year and he was and is a very helpful active student.
Membership: Ray
  • 3 possible new members, Ray is following this up
  • Reintroduce the ‘fireside’ chat for new members
  • Updated membership list can be found on Club Runner
Vocation: Dave -   
  •   Has been checking on First Aid courses for members.
-A little bit of trivia_
South Burnett is the most saturated with defibrillators, according to QAS. Take a bow Kingaroy Rotary Club.
General Business. Geoff Hosking to buy a conference microphone for our meeting room. He is also going to fix the drawers on the bbq trailer and clean it up while he has the trailer empty.  Thank you Geoff.
Deb passed on regards from John Bastable.
Damian Tessman asked if we would be interested in showing a visiting Rotarian from Montana around the Sth Burnett. Neil Black is going to handle that.
We had to cancel IGA Sausage Sizzle last Saturday due to inclement weather.
Card Draw:  Six of diamonds (I think) – no winner
5 Second Rule -  Run by Bev. We all passed with flying colours. 
Fine Session: No fines
Meeting closed 8:38pm  
Cheers, Bev
Useful Rotary Websites
Club website
Rotary Foundation        
Club Anniversary 
Neil Black - 13 years on 20th July 2022
Club Meeting Details
Text Box: 25 July	Regular meeting
19 August Neil
Kingaroy Showgrounds  5.30pm – 8pm
27 August
CWA Bar and BBQ at the motor-bike training centre
16 – 18 Sept
Kingaroy District Vintage Machinery Club food stall
4 Sept Ray Kumbia Community event  -  Sausage Sizzle
1, 2, 3, or 4 Dec
Helping Dalby RC for 1 day at the Stockhorse sale     (exact date to be determined)
Members need to let Vince know if not attending.
If you cannot attend a meeting, you MUST contact Vince by NOON on Monday!
If you don’t cancel by noon you will be billed for a meal.
New Bank account details
o Account Name: Rotary Club of Kingaroy Inc.
o BSB: 084 961
o Account Number: 254 905 213
Make sure you wear your badge at every meeting. Makes it easier for guests.
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