Minutes of the Rotary Club of Kingaroy General Meeting
5 September 2022
The General meeting was opened by Chairperson Neil Black at 7.00 pm and welcomed all members and guests.
Invocation: We give thanks to Rotary for good fellowship, the opportunity to serve our community and to do good in the world.
Attendance:  David Black, Gus Napier, Vince Evans, Geoff Hosking, Murray Johnston, Ray Pitt, Mark Huston, Neil Black, Lex Petersen
Zoom - Kat Butcher, Anna Faunt, Bev Watter, Mark Pitt, Anne Skinner, Abby Andersson
Guests: PDG Chris Wright – District 9620 Zone 8 rep of Regionalization Project (Zoom), Wendy Byron (Toowoomba Metro RC), AG Bryan Payne       
Apologies: President Kerry Heit, Brett Otto, Anne Skinner, Sandy Hoffmann, Deb Hails, Carmel McKeering, Allan McKeering, Ron Roberts, Sophie Blyth, Jerem Hinchliff(NSHS Active Citizen)
Birthdays: Nil                       
Wedding Anniversary:   8 September  Gus & Bev Napier
Club Anniversaries: 9 September 2013  Ray Pitt
 International Toast: Nil
Next meeting’s toast: Ray 
Rotary Information: Nil
Meeting Focus: Zone 8 Regionalization
Guest Speaker: Chris Wright - District 9620 Zone 8 rep of Regionalization Project
Chris presented information to inform members prior to the club’s vote on the proposed regionalization of Zone 8. Great discussion occurred.
 The Club is required to make a decision on whether we want regionalization or not
  • Vote to occur between 15 – 29 September
  • If a club does not vote, it is counted as a NO vote. Need a 2/3 majority to say YES
  • The vote is about voting on the CONCEPT without the detail
  • Rotary is looking at streamlining Zone 8. (7 countries, including Aust, NZ & Sth Pacific 31K members in 113 clubs)
  • District’s structure needs to be reviewed. Do we need all these people to run Rotary?
  • Costs & overheads are killing the Zone
  • Proposal
    • It would be proposed to have 1 centralized location where all organisational matters are organised.
    • There would be significant cost reduction – allowances, DG’s, District chair people, etc
    • Paid positions to run all programs, rather than club representatives
    • Greater ability to approach organisations for funding, eg state & federal governments
    • Better organised PR & marketing
    • If successful, change will happen slowly over the next 3 years
    • Will be run in parallel during this time.
    • A second vote to occur after the 3 years. Continue or not continue.
    • If successful – regionalization would start July 2023
    • If successful, the exact structure will be investigated, planned & implemented
  • It is understood that many will have concerns, These are justified and taken on board
  • Some concerns – clubs will be left behind, forgotten about. Not so. Club voices will be sought & listened to
  • Idea has been run in Ireland & England, but it is very different to our situation. Not terribly successful
  • If this happens, it will be very hard to go back
  • If it doesn’t happen, is there a plan B?
Further club discussion will occur, so that Vice President Kat can vote on the club’s behalf.
Members can email questions/concerns to Chris Wright – cwright@bigpond.net.au
General Business:
  • IGA Saturday. Workers needed. Can you help?    Contact Dave/Bev ASAP
  • 16 – 18 September  Kingaroy District VINTAGE Machinery Club event.
  • Club is running BBQ trailer & selling drinks. Fri afternoon set up. Stal Sat & Sun. We need all members to help. Good profits expected.
  • Geoff Hoskings to review with organisers and will email members. 
Card Draw:   6 clubs   David Black
Meeting closed 8:10 pm  
If you cannot attend a meeting, you MUST contact Vince by NOON on Monday!
Vince Evans
Phone: 0499 366 007
If you don’t cancel by noon you will be billed for a meal.
New Bank account details
o Account Name: Rotary Club of Kingaroy Inc.
o BSB: 084 961
o Account Number: 254 905 213
Make sure you wear your badge at every meeting. Makes it easier for guests.
Useful Rotary Websites
Club website      www.kingaroyrotary.org.au
Rotary Foundation         
Gus & Bev Napier
8 September
Ray Pitt
9 September
Club Meeting Details
12 September       Regular meeting
Date                        Contact                                      Details                                          
10 Sept                    Dave/Bev      Nanango Races bar 11.30 – 5.30
                                                       Nanango IGA Sausages 8.00 – 12.30 
15 Sept                    Neil               Sausage Sizzle Kingaroy
16 – 18 Sept            Geoff             Kingaroy District Vintage Machinery Club BBQ stall
1,2,3 or 4 Dec         Bev                Helping Dalby RC for 1 day at the Stockhorse sale                          (exact date to be determined)
The Four-Way Test
OF THE THINGS we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
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