Rotary at the 2022 Kingaroy and District Vintage Machines Show

On the weekend beginning on the 17th Sept, we found ourselves joining with many other organisations lending a hand at the bi-annual Kingaroy and District Vintage Machinery show at the Kingaroy airport.
This was to be 3-day affair and over 5000 visitors were expected to pass through the gates eager to cast a nostalgic look at the machines that led up to our modern agricultural industry of today.
To quote from the society’s introduction to today’s generation  
"The Kingaroy & District Vintage Machinery Club is a laid-back country machinery club based in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. You see, we love and preserve any old vintage or antique machine, especially the ones that blow lots of black smoke, make the ground vibrate a little, sound really awesome and make old blokes tear up with memories of their early working life. Stationary engines, tractors, graders, dozers, crawlers, harvesters, mowers, rotary hoes, cars, trucks and even steam .... you name it, if it is a vintage machine we cherish it, we caress it, nurture it and we hold it close and protect it. It is quite often, an extended member of our family and in some cases, a treasured machine that great great Grandad bought."
We had been invited to come along and help feed the public over the three days and naturally the club accepted the opportunity to become involve in a community event and show to also show the flag and get the brand out in the public once again.
It was a task that really needed a commitment from members of both the satellite club ourselves as we needed to be there all day and for three days on the trot.
It’s really pleasing to know that we had an abundance of willing helpers show up and made things happen.