The Sausage sizzles, lets do the right thing.
There wouldn’t be a Australian Rotarian alive today that hasn’t been introduced to the art of the Sausage sizzle. It’s as synonymous with the Rotary brand as the golden gearwheel. The the aroma of onions and sausages frying wafting  on the breeze attracts people from far and wide. It simply cannot be ignored!
Every Weekend, all over this wonderful nation of ours, miles of sausages and truck loads of onions are brought together at the altars of the humble barbecue and are prepared and cooked to just the right degree of delicious perfection and offered up to our customers. To them we offered multiple choices of tomato, barbecue, mustered or Sweet Chilli sauces. Singularly or collectively to be added to the master piece that is the barbecued sausage on fresh bread smothered in caramelised onions
We do all this as a means of raising funds. Its simple its enjoyable and it works. We do this so that we can help our communities both here and elsewhere.  In doing so, we are also supporting or local businesses by buying our supplies from local suppliers and we tell everyone we only buy locally …right?
Well, let’s take closer look at what’s going on in the background shall we?
Let’s take a look at the sauces we love to lavish on these creations.
Well, we are all hopefully aware of the Made in Australia program and the off shoot that results from this campaign namely, the “local Ingredients content”
I recently came across a nearly empty bottle of tomato sauce and just by chance I happened to notice the label on the rear. It had all the usual expected nutritional information listed together with standards logos and something I’m sure were all familiar with, the local contents label!
At least 20% local ingredients?? Really! Well, I know that we can do better than that. We all want to help our Australian manufactures, right?  And we can only do that by supporting the entire food chain from the paddock to plate
We, as Rotary, are focused on the social and economic wellbeing of our communities and that in turn goes hand in hand with concerns for their physical and mental health as well.
 Living in the country we see the effects of these economic hardships that our farmers and businesses must endure from one season to another. We in turn share these difficulties in one form or another due to the knock-on effects that flow through to all of us.
So, if you need to rush out to buy sauce for the barbecue? Need butter or oil to fry the onions or butter the bread. Check that all important label if it isn’t 90% Australian please don’t buy it. It’s that simple. If every club in Australia adopts this as matter of principle that’s a lot of sources, a lot of oil and a lot of help where its needed most. Right here in your community
If you see this on the label, leave it on the shelf! So when you are busy at your next club barbecue you can proudly tell your customers that its
For more information on local content visit the ACCC website for a clear explanation of the contents labeling.