Laptops for the school children of the Solomons Islands.
Seen here at the presentation  are Roy GIZO, from Honiara, club member Gus Napier and club president Neil Black
For some years Kingaroy has been home to Solomon Island nationals who have been employed in the local Pork industry. They are now an integral facet of our local community and have brought with them their culture and work ethic 
They are all supporting their families back in the islands and they are trying to improve the health and wellbeing of their own local communities back in the Solomon Islands.
For them the importance of education is a matter of great importance. Like many places in the world a good education is not always readily available.
In Australia schools routinely use laptops or iPads as part of the education system. This, however, is not the case in some of our neighbouring countries such as the Solomon Islands. 
So, when we discovered that our local schools had surplus computers for disposal, some being outdated others requiring repair, we decided to collect these surplus laptops and sort through them to determine what was repairable and what was not.
You can imagine how surprised we were to discover that many of these computers were in fact repairable and serviceable. Some needed minor repairs, some simply needed power supplies but in all most of them they were perfectly useable units.
So, what you see here, is the first consignment of 12 repurposed laptops and cases, packaged and sealed and being prepared for dispatch to the Rotary club of Honiara in the Solomon Islands. These then would be distributed to schools in the Honiara district and assist these children in the use of modern learning practices through the use of technology.