In the past, the Rotary club of Kingaroy has been proud to assist year 11 students attend NYSF. Assisting dreams to come true is a very special privilege and one we are justly proud of.
So, 2021 saw us provide assistance to two very talented young adults to attend yet another 12 day NYSF program.
They were Sienna Spencer from the Nanango High School and Luca Lazzaroni from St Mary's Collage Kingaroy
The feedback they have provided regarding their experiences is informative and certainly interesting reading.
Sienna Spencer- Year 11 Student Nanango High School
The Year 12 National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) has been an enjoyable experience to say the least. A program that consisted of 12 days packed full of lectures, presentations, and interactive sessions all about STEM, presented by both people in Australia and around the world (Antarctica, France and London to name a few). These sessions have been informative, inspiring, captivating and enjoyable to attend.
After personally applying on the interests of being able to be exposed to the vast array of jobs in STEM beyond those we hear about each day, I was able to instead get personal insights from those who work in these areas. I have been able to find through the NYSF an interest in a job that I never knew existed before. After hearing from Professor Russel Gruen, Dean of the college of Health and Medicine at ANU in a careers session I have become captivated by the role of a clinician scientist and intend to do further research into their role.
However, beyond this I have been exposed to so many other areas of STEM, some include:
  • Career sessions, Lecture presented by Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty
  • CERN live cross presented at the Hadron Collider in France
  • Advancing Medical Research: understanding immunity treating cancers and personalising treatments
  • Experience Genetics Workshop (interactive)
  • The Invisible Universe: Gravitational Waves and Dark Matter
  • Antarctica Live cross presented live from Australian teams in Antarctica
  • Lecture Presented by Nobel laureate Professor Brian P. Schmidt.
However, those listed are only a few and there are so many more different sessions that where available. All sessions were also recorded providing the ability for students to go back and watch in the future, or sessions they missed due to overlap.
Through these sessions I have had the ability to be exposed to areas of STEM that I never knew existed, areas that before attending a session didn’t have much knowledge of. They were all very informative and enjoyable and while it was digital the NYSF made sessions interactive where possible and also provided opportunities that wouldn’t have been available in person.
The NYSF program is also full of passionate young people in STEM. We had the chance to connect and communicate beyond zoom where we were able to talk about our interests and wishes for the future. As well as the lovely and bubbly staff (staffies) that helped run the sessions and organise fun over zoom sessions to talk to fellow NYSFers.
I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone else with a passion in STEM, for those who love STEM but can’t decide on a career choice and those who wish to learn more about the wonders of STEM.
I look forward to attending in the future the postponed in-person events.
Luca Lazzaroni - Year 11 student St Marys Catholic School Kingaroy
The 2022 NYSF Year 12 Program (Covid Edition)
My name is Luca Lazzaroni, and this year, I attended the 2022 NYSF year 12 program. The National Youth Science Forum educates students on the versatility and real-world impact of STEM careers, connects them to likeminded peers and provides professional networking opportunities with industry leading experts.
In today’s everchanging, pandemic impacted world, covid 19 constrained the physical aspect (in person lectures and visits to industry leading facilities) of the forum. Despite this, the online element had much to offer. Throughout the twelve days, three career sessions were undertaken, providing insight into different university experiences and the vast professional pathways of STEM related degrees. Lectures and expert panels featuring some of Australia’s most renowned scientists (including Nobel prize laureates and chief scientists) nurtured multitudes of questions, most of which were addressed. With this new information, the participants were tasked with creating proposals and writing science communication pieces to address the current global issues such as sustainable agriculture.
With such expertise, knowledge, and wisdom, I gained a much greater understanding of the interrelations and correlations between each field of STEM. Furthermore, the co-dependency and necessity of critical thinking when approaching impending issues. The program was successful in highlighting the multitude of STEM careers available, particularly research roles and the value they add to both specialist and citizen science.
Prior to attending this program, I envisioned my career path as a narrow, straight, and direct road, leading towards becoming a trauma surgeon. Each expert with their vast wisdom heavily encouraged exploring and embracing any opportunity that presents itself outside of a specialised field of interest to truly establish boundaries, regarding professional/career interests and disinterests. Additionally, the NYSF community is not limited to the two-week program, but rather for life. Once graduated, attendees become and Alumni, opening exclusive opportunities.